ᐅ AFI V5 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Smartphone Stabilizer

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● Working time: 12h

● Weight: 480g

● Mechanical pitch axis movement range: 320 °

● Mechanical roll axis movement range: 320 °

● Mechanical course axis movement range: 320 °

● Applicable phone range: 6.0 inches below the phone

● Load weight: 70g-200g

● Charging time: 2.5h

● Charging Input voltage: 5v

● Charging Input Current: 2000mA

● Power Output Voltage: 5V

● The power supply output current: 2000mA

● The storage product size: height 343mm

● Extending to two dimensions: height 439mm

Main Features:

● Stabilizer load weight: 70-200g; 6 inches below the phone can be applied

● The stabilizer arm control stroke: 0-15mm

● Stabilizer life time 12 h

● The camera button: click pictures, double-click video recording

● The fill light function: one, two, third gear adjustment

● The camera focus dial: increase and decrease the focal distance

● Stabilizer has two interfaces: used for charging, firmware upgrade, parameter setting, otherwise, the maximum current external output is 5V. 2A, for charging the mobile phone

The stabilizer has three modes; full follow, follow a half, full lock mode;

● The stabilizer has a telescoping rod device; It can be scaled in two


● Comes with fill light, light is greater, the brightness can be adjusted

● Three models to adapt to the multi scene

● Face tracking, automatically follow the steering, easy to complete the media live

● Carrying a telescopic extension rod, extend the rod up to 100mm

Preis: 114.14 81.69

Jetzt kaufen