ᐅ A8 W5 3D Printer Reprap Prusa i3 DIY MK8 LCD printer 3d Drucker Impressora Imprimante Resume Power Failure Printing

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Power Failure Resume Printing- When suddenly power failure, the printer will store the print data and then shut down. When it is restarted, it will prompt to continue printing and canceling. If you choose to continue printing, you can automatically print to the position when the power is off.


1. Effectively save consumables and prevent the entire model from being scrapped due to sudden power outages.

2, effectively improve printing time and work efficiency, play an important role in the entire printing process of the model.


1. Click on the unfinished model file and the option to continue printing from the last position.

2, click the OK button, the printer starts working, continue to print from the last position


Frame Material: Wooden + Lead Screw

XY Axis Positioning Accuracy:0.012MM

Z Axis Positioning Accuracy: 0.004MM

Extruder Quantity:1

Print Color: Single Color

Extruder Dia.:0.4MM (Custom Options: 0.5/0.3/0.2MM)

Print Precision :0.1-0.4MM

Layer Resolution:0.1MM

Printing Speed: 10~100MM/S

Maximum Print Size: 220*220*240MM

Nozzle Temperature: Recommended: 210℃, Maximum 250 ℃

Ambient Temperature: Recommended: ≥ 25 ℃

Heating Plate Temperature: 50-110 ℃ (Adjustable)

Filament Materials:PLA, ABS,

Filament Dia. :1.75MM

Data Format: STL, G-Code

Data Input : SD Card or USB Transfer Line

Compatible Computer OS: XP, Win7, Win8, Win10

3D Printing Software: Cura

Power Supply: DC 12V/20A( EU.AU,US plug avaliable)

Packaging Information

Machine Size: 500*400*450MM

Gross weight : 6.5KGS

Packing Size: 510*310*208MM

Package Include :

1x 3D Printer Kit

1x Roll filament(10m)

1x CD DISK(User manual ,software,printing test files and so on are all in it)

Note: the product will be updated at any time. A small number of accessories may not match the picture on the description. Please give priority to the ten actual items received. If you mind, please do not purchase

Preis: 170.53 90.72

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