ᐅ 3D Printer Parts Magnetic Bed Tape for Print Sticker 214/220/235/310mm Square Build Plate Tape Surface Flex Plate

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Name: Square heating bed magnet

Dimensions: 214 214mm / 220 220mm / 235 235mm / 310 310mm.


1. The product is divided into two sides of the A.B board.

2. Bend separately to get the model. More convenient.

3. No need for beautiful paper and scrapers to aid the model.

4. Can be installed on hot bed and glass platform.

5. The print does not warp. No glue is needed.

6. Can be printed on a cold bed.

7. A board is flexible and magnetic, easy to remove from the build platform, take away the print model

8. We are PC materials, with a short-term temperature resistance of 180 degrees and a long-term resistance of 130 degrees. More than 130 degrees of magnetism will be weakened, but will not lose magnetism, so it can be applied to PLA / ABS and other filaments.

9. PC materials are flame retardant and wear resistant. Oxidation resistance, low mold shrinkage, good dimensional stability

10.A B board is flat, which can better reduce printing errors and make the printing model more standardized.

Product advantages:

The temperature of the magnetic sticker on the market cannot exceed 80 degrees. If it exceeds 80 degrees, it will lose its magnetism, but our products can reach 130 degrees without losing magnetism. Can be applied to a variety of consumables, such as PLA / ABS printing.

PLA: The hot bed temperature is 50 to 80 degrees.

ABS: The temperature of the hot bed is 100 degrees.


Due to the magnetic pole factor, the magnetic pole is directional when the two stickers are attracted. If the suction is unstable, rotate the A side by 90 degrees.

Please remove the module after printing. If the cooling time is too long, the module and platform will absorb larger.

Installation method:

Peel off the B-side adhesive and attach it directly to the platform, taking care to flatten it, then apply the A-side print layer to the B side without bubbles.

Packing List:

1 set of square magnets (composed of A side and B side, a total of two.)

Preis: 18.74 14.62

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