ᐅ 3D printer hot bed power expansion board BTMOS-V2.0/MOS tube high current load module/ module MOSFET upgrade for 3D printer

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BTMOS-V2.0 expansion module


BTMOS-V2.0 is a new module to optimize and upgrade the power expansion module of old heatbed, which can solve the problem of high-power hot bed and serious heating.

BTMOS-V2.0 hot bed power expansion module, which can be connected with high power hot bed, withstanding larger power, convenient for machine use while reducing the danger caused by serious heating.


Under the premise of normal heat dissipation, this module can work steadily under the condition of I(Max)=15A. Don’t exceed 15A during the process.

Wiring instructions:

DCIN: “+” connect the power positive electrode; “-”connect the power negative electrode(support “+ 12 v”or “+ 24 v” power supply,it is recommended to use + 24 v power supply).

Heatbed: connect to heatbed line(there are no positive or negative).

Connect the heatbed control port on the motherboard(there are no positive or negative).


Q: Using a large hot bed, how large power supply should be used generally?

A: Please select the appropriate power supply according to the power of the hot bed,Then the hot bed is recommended to use 24V which power is large,because at the same power requirements, the current of connection of 24V will be smaller than 12V.

Q: What should we pay attention to when Power supply, hot bed,Control board connect with Wiring

A: The positive of the power supply is connected to DCIN+, the negative of the power supply is connected to DCIN-, and the hot bed wiring is not positive and negative Connect the heatbed control port on the motherboard(there are no positive or negative)

Q: What should I do if my module gets hot during work?

A: If there is no fault in the inspection line, it may be caused by the overloaded hot bed power. It can be replaced with a hot bed power by a 24V power supply, which solves the problem of heat generation.Also it won’t affect the normal use of hot beds.

Q: How large power is selected for the 12V power supply and how large power is used to power the 24V power supply?

A: Hot bed power is mainly determined by the resistance value and supply voltage of the hot bed itself: When the hot bed power is less than 180W, 12V power supply can be used; when the hot bed power is more than 180W and less than 360W, it is recommended to use 24V power supply. If it is necessary to use a high-power hot bed in the case of 12V power supply, or if a hot bed with a power large than 360W,then it is recommended to use a higher hot bed power extension module.


1.When you connect power supply cable, you need to pay attention to distinguish the positive and negative polarity of the power supply,and do not reverse the connection of the cable to avoid burning the module and causing unnecessary losses.

2.Module placement problem: when you use the module, do not put it in a place where the wires are dense. In this way, it helps to reduce the heating burden on the module and increase the safety.

3.When the module is working: don’t let the conductor to touch its bottom, it can prevent short circuit and burn out.

Preis: 12.63 11.77

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