ᐅ 220x220mm/235x235mm/310x310mm PEI Build Surface + Spring Steel Plate + Magnetic Base Heated Bed Sticker Kit for 3D Printer

Preis: 41.27 40.41

Available size:

220x220mm; 235x235mm; 310x310mm

If you want to buy other size, feel free to send us a message, we will let you know how we can help you out.


Fast heater performance, less waiting time after printing.

Never warp& Never rust.

Flexible, Removable, stick to magnets very well.

Easy to get the first layer even for a new user.

Suits variety of filaments, especially for PLA and ABS.

Free clean- just flex the plate a little then take the prints off after cooled.

A lifetime 3D printer bed.


100% real Ultem1000 (PEI), matte surface.

This spring steel sheet is flat, flexible, stainless stick to magnets very well.

PEI is 3m tape pre-applied, free bubbles.

PEI is applied onn steel sheet.

How to use?

After apply the PEI sheet on our special spring stainless steel sheet, You can simply use 4 clips or magnets to hold it on the heatbed, then enjoy the printing.

Easily remove 3D prints on printer by removing the spring steel plate, flexing it, and popping the print off. It’s simple and makes the print removal process much easier.

Preis: 41.27 40.41

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