ᐅ 16cm Ring Light LED With Metal Tripod Selfie Mobile Laptop Live Beauty Light Lamp Big Photography Ringlight with Stand for Phone Studio

Preis: 32.66 16.33

Product size: 16cm(this item without middle phone hold)if you need middel phone holder then should choose 26CM)

Dimming mode: 10-100%

Exposure control: wire control

Lighting mode: cold light, warm light, soft light

Packing list: product + box

Product size/weight (both include packaging)

16cm suit: 30.5×21.5×5cm/0.445kg

20cm suit: 30.5×21.5×5cm/0.520kg

26cm suit: 36.5×30×6cm/0.815kg

Product working height:

(Height of iron bracket + light ring)

16cm set: 30.7cm(without middle phone holder)

20cm set: 34.7cm(without middle phone holder)

26cm set: 42.7cm(with middle phone holder)

Preis: 32.66 16.33

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