ᐅ 15V 3000mAh 45Wh US55-4S3000-S1L5 Battery for Medion Akoya S6212T MD99270 MD 98456 MD98736 S6615T 40046929

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Important Tips:

1. Please check your Laptop Models and battery Part Numbers to ensure you are getting the correct battery. If you can not make sure that, please contact us.

2. Please press [ Ctrl + F ] to search your models.

Product Description

Battery Model: US55-4S3000-S1L5

Battery Type: Li-ion

Voltage: 15V

Capacity: 45Wh

Condition: 100% Brand New

Color: Black

Cells: 4-cell

Compatible Part Numbers:

MEDION 40046929

MEDION US55-4S3000-S1L5

Compatible Models:

MEDION Akoya MD 98453

MEDION Akoya MD 98454

MEDION Akoya MD 98456

MEDION Akoya MD 98545

MEDION Akoya MD 99270

MEDION Akoya MD98453

MEDION Akoya MD98456

MEDION Akoya MD98545

MEDION Akoya MD99270

MEDION Akoya S6211T

MEDION Akoya S6212T

MEDION Akoya S6212T(MD 99270)

MEDION Akoya S6212T(MD99270)

Package Included:

1x US55-4S3000-S1L5 Battery

Laptop Battery Maintenance Tips:

1. When purchasingthe battery, please plsopen the back cover of your laptop to confirm themodel of your laptop battery.As battery might have issue of compatibility,when the computer was coming outof the manufactured factory, the battery usedwas the most accurate. So pls makesure your original battery model.

2. After you installed the battery, You may tryto calibrate the powermanagement system. Repeat full charge and full dischargeabout 3 times torecover the capacity.

3. Battery discharge, it is best not dischargeto less than 6% or the computerpower off, otherwise it may be easily damagedand may not be fully charged.

4. If you connect external power to use for along time, please remove the battery.

5. If you do not use battery for a long time,make sure to charge more than 80% electricity every month.

Preis: 87.06 59.2

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