ᐅ 1 M Ptfe Tube Teflonto Tl-Feeder Hotend Rostock Bowden Extruder 1.75Mm Filament Id 1.9Mm Od 4Mm Cloned Capricornus Tub

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Special Customized High Quality Teflonto Tube

1M PTFE Tube Teflonto PiPe to TL-Feeder

1.75mm filament ID 1.9mm OD 4mm

Statement:Our product is not Capricornus tube brand,please do not misunderstand.

Please note:

Apply only to 2WAY in 1WAY out TL-Feeder

ID 1.9mm OD 4mm

Package listing:

​1M PTFE Tube Teflonto

Warning: This product has product certification (including product production process, product material description, product quality inspection, product certification, etc.), absolutely genuine. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Preis: 1.71

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